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Dear Friend collector, in this page some signs on the history of the collecting and some terms used in the dictionary of the collector. Also you can participate in the layout of the Glossary! You can tell me your terms. Thanks for the collaboration!

in stamped sale already conceived by H. von Stephan, adviser of the German mails in 1865, it had been adopted in Italy since 1874.
what it brings on a façade draw or photos; the first examples are the decorated cardboards published in France by Demaisson (1777), but the first illustrated postcard is considered that sent during the austro-Prussian war to the typographer Schwartz, with the colors of its regiment. Affirmed it as mean of comunication in the end of the century XIX, the illustrated postcards they have become object of collecting.
is defined when the present illustration on it mirrors the same theme and subject of the applied postage stamp. There are postcards occasional Maximum (you become maximum without wanting) or native.
Collecting of postage stamps and other values stamped postal. Practically born together with the invention of stamp, the philately it constitutes one of the principal sectors of the collecting. The harvests of postage stamps, new or used, can be limited to the issues of you determine nations or historical periods, to the subject, to the postal cancellations, to the first issues etc… The associations of collectors make head to the Fédération International de the Philatélie, founded in Paris in 1926. Numerous the specialized magazines The stamp collector's review and 1862 Monthly Advertiser and numerous also the events shows conferences devoted to the world of the philately.
Stamped value constituted by a ticket of gummed paper with wording and indication of the value, to apply on the postal correspondence for the postage. it was invented from R. Hill (1795-1879) in the radical period of reform of the postal system that made to abound the practice to debit the consignment to the recipient: the first postage stamps, 1 penny (Penny Black of black color) and 2 pences (of blue color) they began to circular from 06/05/1840. Since the introduction the postage stamp became object of collecting.
Indelible sign of various form engraved with stamp on postage stamps applied on the postal envelope. They distinguishes in ordinary and special. This last ones they create a further branch of the Philately denominated Marcophilia.
Collecting of the commemorative special cancellations of events or demonstrations. It's possible to find these stamps on postcards or on envelopes. There are shows and conferences that affix the stamp the same day when he develops, and to the conclusion these stamps are destroyed.
Small strip of transparent and gummed paper to attach the collection postage stamps on the album. It used a lot of time ago and it could ruined the postage stamp.
It literally means First Day Cover. It deals with Envelope that brings a stamp with date that corresponds a first day of issue of the stamped postage stamp. The envelopes Fdc is produced by various Associations Philatelists among these Rodias, Capitolium, Venetia, Rome etc..
Is defined a postcard already with printed postage stamp on it. It's possible that the postcard brings a relative illustration to an event. Stamped Stationery exists also rate reduced that it was used by the soldiers